3M 柔飾貼建築貼膜 DI-NOC Film

柔飾貼建築貼膜為裝飾表面柔飾貼,多達500多種花色可供選擇,價格划算。3M DI-NOC花色,純正木紋感。金屬的光滑感。天然石材的涼爽。貼裝之後,您絕對不會認為是人造的。柔飾貼建築貼膜可改造、可重複使用,而使用方便又快捷,出錯低、浪費少,使建築重煥光彩。

應用範圍: 1)牆身 2)電梯 3)門 4) 地下 5)室內及室外 6)潮濕地方(如:廚房、浴室或洗衣房等) 7)傢私 8)裝修 9)玻璃 10) 3D產品表面

產品特性: 1)底部為Comply技術膠貼 2) 尺寸可因應實際情況裁剪 3)物料薄身且有彈性 4)耐磨損 5)可防污漬 (如咖啡、奶或果汁等

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3M Di-Noc Films are durable, dimensionally stable, cleanable and flexible cast PVC films with 3M’s Comply Adhesive air release channels for fast, easy and virtually bubble-free application. Thin, light and seamless, Di-Noc film is used by many designers as a creative and decorative interior material. Three special characteristics, colorful patterns, design quality and texture of the material, combine to create special architectural features. 

Application areas: 1) Walls 2) Elevators 3) Doors 4) Floors 5) Interior/ exterior 6) Wet Areas (kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, etc) 7) Furniture 8) Fixtures 9) Glass 10) 3D surface

Product Features 1) Self adhesive solution with Comply technology 2) Dimensional stability 3) Thin/ flexible and seamless 4) Abrasion/ impact/ scratch resistant 5) Solvent resistant e.g. coffee/ milk/ juice

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3M 柔飾貼建築貼膜 DI-NOC Film


Di-Noc film is specific for the decoration. It has over 500 patterns for your choice.  


其他裝飾貼膜 Other Deco. Film


There is an other choice as same as 3M patterns and functions. It also has over 500 patterns for your choices.

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